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  • Keywords and budget analysis

  • Site structure

  • Search Engine advertising

  • Targeted campaigns, remarketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing solutions for your website

We have a flat rate solution for small business companies: get customers from the internet!

Main Benefits

  • Keywords analysis for your type of business, budget planning
  • Site structure suggestions for discovered keywords
  • Search Engine advertising with Google Adwords and BingAds
  • Targeted campaigns creation, using Google’s Big Data
  • Search Engine Optimization roadmap

What it's all about

Today it’s not enough to build a perfect website to get customers from the internet. There are tons of competitors, who already have one, that’s why you need to promote it. There are several ways to attract new customers:

  • Paid advertising in search engines
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization for organic traffic

Each way has its own benefits. With paid advertising, you’ll get instant results, but you should make a lot of research to make your campaigns efficient. Without research, you can get 100 site visitors for $1000. With effective 1000+ keywords campaign, precise targeting, re-marketing settings you’ll get same 100 potential customers for $100.

Our Small Business Digital Marketing pack includes:

1. Research for your business, after that we will know which marketing channel (or combinations) is best suited for your products and services.

2. Campaign setup on up to 3 platforms (Such as Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) with several ads for Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing Paid campaigns.

3. Search Engine Optimization research for your website (up to 5 keywords) and basic on-site optimization.

We always keep in mind, that you need customers for your business, not clicks or site visitors.

What You’ll Get

List of keywords with monthly budget

We’ll prepare a list of keywords that fit for your business (500-1000 keywords for search engine marketing and 10 keywords for SEO) and make a monthly estimation on how many customers you’ll get with your budget.

Site Structure

The report for changes in the site structure will be prepared for the discovered keywords. These suggestions are optional but highly recommended for better marketing performance of the website.

Search engine advertising

We’ll create marketing campaigns in Google and Bing for you and will set up advanced website statistics to monitor the results.

Precise Targeting

Your ads will be shown only to your potential customers, we’ll set up the settings to make the campaigns most efficient.

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO roadmap will be prepared for 10 keywords, so you’ll know what to do to increase organic traffic to your website.

Support and maintenance

We’ll be here to help!

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