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Importance Of Search Engine Optimization For Your Business

In the world of digital marketing, search engine optimization is a concept is unfortunately misunderstood.  Many have seen it as cheating or some kind of magic trick for improving results.  If you want your business and website to be a success though, you need good SEO and eMarketing Ninja can help you.

As well as driving customers and potential leads to your site, there are lots of studies that have shown SEO can actually have a better return on investment than more marketing forms such as printed and television advertisements.  The important thing to keep in mind though is that SEO isn’t a magical solution, as you will discover on this page, there are various benefits from having good search engine optimization in place.

search engine optimization

Drives Traffic

Traffic alone will not make you money.  However, if you had a bricks and mortar store – would you prefer it was on a busy high street or tucked away in an alleyway?  While it doesn’t mean that people are going to venture inside, the chances are that they will eventually.

You still need valuable content to keep people on your website when they click through, but it is still easier to convert visitors to customers when they are actual on your site.  Furthermore, the people coming to your site have come across it because of terms they have entered into the search engine – they are in some ways primed to do business.

Improves Branding And Visibility

When people are searching for your services and products, you want to appear as high on the search results pages as possible.  Besides them clicking on your site, there are further reasons for wanting those higher spots on the rankings.  There is actually a lot of value for your business if your website is listed for related terms. This is because most people don’t just search then click on the first time.  They tend to search, click, edit their search terms, try again, click different sites and continue to tweak their searches until they find what they want.

This means if your business is ranking highly on various related keywords and terms, the visibility of your site is increased and will take up more space in the mind-share of potential visitors and customers.  There is then a high chance that those searchers will eventually visit your website, and as you are appearing more and more in their search results, their trust in your brand will increase.

Increases The Credibility Of Your Business

Following on from the above, proper search engine optimization helps to improve credibility. If your website is ranked higher than others they read that as “Google thinks this site is relevant, so it probably is.”  Although this may seem unrealistic, think about it in a different way – when using an old-fashioned directory like the yellow pages, were you more likely to trust the business listed on the 18th page or the one that was listed on the first?  Therefore, a high ranking in search engines is a sign of credibility for your business.

It Has One Of The Best ROI’s Of Any Marketing Strategy

As a result of investing in SEO, your business will be rewarded with a much higher return on investment than virtually all other types of advertising, both offline and online.  This has a lot to do with the fact that SEO is an inbound strategy for marketing, enables you to market your services and products to people who are looking for those particular services and products.  There is no need to interrupt their daily life, you will be there when they are looking for your kind of business.  There is no need to convince them that they need the services or products you are offering; you just need to convince them that you are the best business to provide them.

Provides You With Unparalleled Analysis of Your Customers

The traffic generated by search engine optimization can be efficiently tracked, using tools like Google Analytics.  This is incredibly useful, as the metrics and data tell you almost everything you could ever need to know about your visitors and customers – their browsing habits, searching habits, their language, what technology they use, where they live, the days they use the internet most, the times of the day they are online most and so on. This can help you make better decisions for your business.

Take a closer look on an example of successful SEO project for better understanding how it works.

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