Small Business Security Bundle

  • Website Security Audit

  • Vulnerabilities analysis

  • Hacked site recovery

  • Website Security Updates

  • Penetration test

Security Solutions for your website

We have a flat rate solution for small business companies – get secured!

Main Benefits

  • Virus and Malware removal from popular Web-platforms (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • Vulnerabilities analysis
  • Security enhancements and upgrades for your site
  • Penetration test

What You’ll Get

Website Security Audit

We’ll take a look on how your site is administrating, how it was developed and what actions are needed to prevent future problems.

Vulnerabilities Analysys

Closer look for known vulnerabilities for the platform, that is used on your site

Hacked site recovery

Malware, virus and other junk removal after your site was hacked.

Website Security Updates

Necessary security updates for your website’s platform.

Secured website

Be confident that your website is safe and secured

1 year of support and maintenance

We’ll be here to help!

What it's all about

Web sites are unfortunately destined to security risks. And so are the networks and hosting servers on which they are located. Setting aside hazards created by staff use or misuse of network resources, your web server and the site it hosts present your most dangerous sources of security risk.

Web servers by intention open a window between your network and the internet. The efficiency taken with server administration, web site updates and your web site coding will define how safe that window will be, limit the amount of information that will be passing through and thus establish the level of web security you will have.

You website surely provides some means of interaction with its guests. In every place where that intercommunication is possible you have a possible web security vulnerability. Most of the websites have such features:

  • Search for a specific content
  • Contact or Q&A form
  • Shopping cart
  • Registration
  • Login and account pages

In each page written above your website guest is definitely sending a command to your website, probably to your database. In each moment of interaction, such as a filing of a form field, search field, accurately written website code will allow only a very narrow range of commands to pass. This is perfect for your web security. It takes programmers a lot of time to write code that allows all permitted data to pass and disallows everything else.

Your best strategy against an attack on your website is to have secured up to date website code and regularly scan it for vulnerabilities.
eMarketing Ninja has been accumulating known issues for many years and have a lot of experience recovering websites from various malware.


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