Facebook Advertising

  • Keywords and budget analysis

  • Campaign setup

  • Targeted campaigns, remarketing

  • Ads creation

  • Regular maintenance to keep it cost efficient

Questions&Answers about Facebook Advertising:

Getting your business seen online is crucial to finding new leads and potential customers, the perfect place to start doing Facebook advertising. With social media taking the Internet by storm, it can be damaging to your business not to have some form of online presence on at least some of the social media platforms available.

As the site that started it all, Facebook launched in 2004 and has since become a strong household name which is instantly recognizable. This kind of reputation is the sort you want your business to be associated with. Executing a Facebook advertising campaign will significantly increase your chances of being seen by the right audience and it can also reflect positively on your sales.

Why choose Facebook over other social media sites?

With over 1 billion regular users, the opportunities to be found on Facebook are staggering. Facebook advertising has always shown promising results for click to sale conversions, so having your business promoted on this platform to the 1 billion accounts will be highly beneficial to you and your investors.

Other social media platforms also have substantial user databases, but in combination with Facebook’s sister company, Instagram, the effects of a social media advertising campaign will have a much higher outreach.

What can I advertise on Facebook?

Facebook can advertise virtually any aspect of your business. Conforming to the guidelines for sensitive images and data, we can advertise products, services or events on your behalf. Using Facebook advertising will increase your brand awareness by publishing high resolution images, links to your website and all the information your new customers need. If you need help in deciding what to advertise on Facebook we can give you all the guidance and advice you need.

How will my ads appear?

Promoting your business with Facebook advertising will highlight your business on any relatable page on the social media platform. The advertisements we create for your business will be targeted to your desired audience, so your business will appear to the users most likely to interact and respond.

Advertisements on Facebook can appear in a sidebar of an individual page or account, as well as being promoted as part of a user’s feed. Every advertisement can be interacted with and enable users to be taken directly to your landing page, or specific product entry. The size of your advert may vary depending on where it is placed on a page.

What other benefits are there for Facebook advertising?

In addition to the specified targeted audience you can potentially reach with your advertising campaign, there are also countless opportunities for your business to reach even more people on a global scale. With users in multiple continents including Europe, North America and Asia, your business can begin or expand it’s international venture.

All advertisements seen on the main feed on individual accounts can also provide the opportunity for viewers to share the advert placement. Sharing an advert on Facebook will allow friends and family of the user to also see your Facebook advertisement, subsequently spreading your outreach to even more viewers.

Advertising an upcoming event with your business can also reap the rewards of being shared among extra users, with the added element of users being able to register their interest in the event. Having this extra function will allow you to connect with your potential customers directly and enhance your client database.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising for small business $449

You’ll get complete audit on how to promote your small business effectively on the Facebook platform, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp.

We will provide:

  • Targeting setup and budget analysis
  • Campaign setup
  • Ads creation
  • Performance report
  • $150 starting budget on Facebook

You will start receiving new leads the same day!

Advanced Facebook Advertising

Advanced Facebook Advertising

Want to run top-notch cost-efficient Facebook Campaigns?

  • Video ads.
  • Photo ads.
  • Slideshow ads.
  • Carousel ads.
  • Canvas ads.
  • Dynamic Product Ads.
  • Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Conversion Ads
  • Custom reports and integrations

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