example of successful seo project

Let me show you an Example of Successful SEO project

People sometimes ask me to show them an example of successful SEO project that I’ve had with other clients. Previously I explained all of them, that each SEO-project is unique, it has its own scope and my experience can’t be measured like that. So, I’ve decided to make a page on which I can explain how it works.

Importance of successful SEO for any project

Unfortunately, in today’s world of digital marketing, SEO is a concept that not many people understand correctly. Some people see it as cheating or some kind of magic for better results. Lots of studies show that SEO usually has better ROI (return on investment) than many other marketing tools: online or offline. It isn’t just a luck, as you will see in this article, there are some obvious benefits from having good optimization for search engines.

Example of successful SEO project step-by-step.

You probably want your business website to be located on top 10 Google’s search results page. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. But we know, how to get there and I’ll show you the basics with this article.

Step 1

Understand your keywords. How are customers searching for your services? In this article, the keyword that I’m aiming for is example of successful SEO project. That means I want to be found by that phrase on Google.

Step 2

Content optimization. Content is the most essential part of SEO, because search engines want to deliver relevant content for the search phrases with which people looking for the products or services on the internet. Your content should be unique, no copying allowed! It also should contain your keywords at 0.5-1.5% density.

Step 3

On-site optimizations. Search engines have 400+ parameters they pay attention to when they rate websites. To be on top, you should optimize your website for the most of these parameters.

The first thing that you can do is to check how your site is doing with Google PageSpeed insights. This basic test will show you the most obvious problems that you have. It has rating for your mobile site and for a desktop version. It is good to have 80+ points on both.

Step 4

Link building. Google likes websites liked by other websites. That means if a famous magazine or a reputable association will mention your website somewhere on their page, then probably you deserve to be there.

When to expect results?

It depends. This page shows you an example of successful SEO project, it took couple of days to create it and place it on top. Not too much effort, but it is possible because of the low level of the competition for that search phrase. You can also take a look on another page that I’ve made when I lived in Alabama, it is called example of successful seo experience It took 2 days too and it works! But when you have a lot of competitors who are in business for a long time it will take much more effort to beat them – several months or even more.

Anyway, as a result your business will be rewarded with a great ROI! No need to interrupt your potential customer’s life, no cold calls – you will be right there for your clients when they need you.

example of successful seo project


Internet traffic will not make money on its own. However, on which location success is more likely: on a busy street or in the middle of nowhere? SEO can generate leads for your business

it doesn’t mean that people are going to buy inside, the chances are that they will do it eventually. Now you see, that SEO technology works. I hope that this example of Successful SEO project helped you to understand the basics.

I’ll be happy to work on your project, get your SEO help now!